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The "King of all Oils"- FRANKINCENSE

       Frankincense, known as Boswellia in latin, or Ru Xiang in Mandarin has long been prized for it's arousing aroma and potent medicinal quality. For over TWO MILLENNIA human beings have been using the sap from the Boswellia tree called "Dhidin" or "Maydi" as both commodity and therapy. It's been consumed internally in Chinese Medicine for over 2,000 years to move stagnant blood from injury, applied topically for skin ulcers and boils, burned for the aromatic grounding effects and chewed to strengthen the gums. Most of all, it was traditionally used on a DAILY BASIS.

        Currently, it is known to reduce inflammation, ease pain and act as a mood stabilizer. A compound called Incensole Acetate has been studied a great deal to alleviate anxiety and depression. And one of the coolest things (in my opinion) is that the Fankincense we use in our clinic is 70% monoterpenes by content. Monoterpenes are important because they may increase the level of enzymes the liver uses to remove carcinogenic toxins from the blood and they can cause apoptosis (rupture) of damaged cells so that they don't remain in the body possibly mutating and causing tumors or cancers. 

*Not to be used internally during pregnancy* 

     Check out this article that goes into more detail on how powerful and effective Monoterpenes have been in cancer studies: 



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Getting to Know HER MOANS!

Being the week of LOVE~

Do you have women in your life that you love and care about?

On Saturday February 22nd from 3-6pm we're collaborating to create a community discussion on the topics of a healthy balanced female cycle, signs of imbalance, diagnostics used to determine such and natural and preventative approaches to restoring health and integrity to the endocrine and immune systems.

 In addition, we will have available for your pleasure: a smoothie bar, herbal tonics and an introduction to essential oils for treating common symptoms of imbalance and to support restoring health in a playful and loving way.

I invite you to come, collaborate and celebrate being a woman or the women in your life!

Below are the links to register for the event and for staying tuned in to the conversation:




 Many Blessings, 

Tricia Mercer, BS, MAOM, L.Ac


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