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Corporate Wellness

    Tricia has been teaching yoga in corporate offices in the Austin area for going on 3 years. As companies are becoming increasingly aware that investments in their employee's health and overall wellness means greater work productivity, creativity and community, they have started to hire yoga teachers, fitness instructors and acupuncturists to be available to their staff. Convenience is a large contributor to the success of regular fitness and self care. By hiring therapists and practitioners and having them onsite, companies are able to incentivize whole body wellness for their staff. 

      It is quite rare to find a licensed acupuncturist that is ALSO a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500 Hr level. Tricia's passion for cultivating a sound mind, a steady breathe and a strong body have lead her to extend her studies beyond the Master's degree and teaching certifications to rigorous continuing education courses and lengthy seminar work. She has proudly influenced the lives of hundreds of her clients and students and naturally inspires a better quality of life.