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A few of the best ways of treating what Chinese Medicine calls qi/blood stagnation (aka: pain, irritability, irregular menstruation, fatigue, etc) are:

1. Acupuncture

2. Pranayama/ Meditation (intentional breathing)


      All three of these practices work together harmoniously to open the channels of the body, allowing qi and blood to flow more freely nourishing all the sinews, bones and brain allowing for proper detoxification and transformation of body fluids. The three work together to cool and calm the mind, balance the endocrine system, support the integrity of the immune system and bring you to a more centered, grounded inner stillness and awareness.

Tricia- 200 Hr Registered Yoga Teacher 

      Tricia's Master's degree in Chinese Medicine lends itself well to the world of teaching yoga. With her yoga education in both Tao Flow yoga (200hr) and Hatha yoga (200 hr), her classes are a unique fusion of therapeutic technique coupled with strength building and stabilization of the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Her competitive background in athletics also contributes a physical and aerobic quality to her classes where appropriate. Overall, she remains a humble student in the art of practicing yoga and medicine and finds great joy in sharing that knowledge and experience with others.

Tricia currently offers classes in the following settings:

- Group/ Private Yoga Classes

- Corporate Wellness Yoga Classes & Acupuncture Services

- Bachelorette Party/ Bridal Party Services

- Athletic/ Sport Supportive Yoga Classes